Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Stereotypes on the box

A forwarded letter described how advertisements perpetuated sexist myths about women.
Hi J
There are two important things that I get from that. The first is the immense power of television. The second is the awful tendency to try to fit people into stereotypes. The first has a lot to do with the second. We make assumptions about people because it is the easy, lazy way. We get our information, our world view, through the television screen because it is easy, passive.
It is time we grew up and stopped being spoon fed. That is the message we should spread. Refuse to accept anything unless we can test it with our own observation, conscience and logic. The easy life is the attractive way to slavery. We should learn to refuse more and to test more. That is the lesson we should teach our children. We can only do that if the family is strengthened so that parents and children talk to each other.
With love and peace